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WOW BOLINAO, KAWA’NAN KATA [“Mahal Kita”] Tourism Song

Produced by Richard Celeste
Published by Bolinao Tourism Office
Video by Richard Celeste
Performed by Teloupe
Written by Teloupe & Richard Celeste
April 23, 2022 marks another milestone to the Municipality of Bolinao Pangasinan as the first ever Kadaw [“Travel”] Bolinao was held. Kadaw Bolinao is not only a promotional event for tourism but also a celebration of life, a thanksgiving of faith. It showcases diverse talents of Bolinaoens and rich agricultural and tourism products of the municipality but it also reflects the unwavering unity and camaraderie of the people.
The success of this event indeed symbolizes that with unity and solidarity, positivity will foster even in the midst of global challenges and as it gave opportunity to wanderers to explore the Wonders of the West, the WOW in Bolinao!
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