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Pagsen nan Bolinao: “Laro ng Lahi”

One of the highlights of this year’s Bolinao Foundation Day celebration is the “Laro ng Lahi” or known as the traditional Filipino games that reflected on the ingenuity of Filipinos as children nurtured by generations that is loved by Bolinaoens embracing generations from our grandparents, parents and among the children of today. To name a few of these games were Kadang sa Bao, Pabitin, Dama, Sungka, Karera sa Sako, Pok-pok Palayok, Agawan ng Buko, Agawan ng Baboy, Culliot (Tug of War) and Palo-sebo.
Spectators came out to watch these games even under the scorching heat of the sun. The cheerful atmosphere has intensified the jubilation of the contingents!
Pagsen nan Bolinao Working Committee would also like to thank the following DepEd Bolinao Head Teachers and Principals for being our game coordinators;
Alfredo Ambeguia
Racquel Caasi
Ronald Alpon Tobias
Carina Suarez
Edgar Orperia
Ria Peralta
Nick Rebudan
Ariel Padilla
Alex Mamaril
Julio Macaraeg
Moreover, DepEd Bolinao declared as the Overall Champion in the said competition. Kudos and Abaw a Salamat, dear educators!
Photo credits:
Eghy Ostil Villareal
Cristine Jessan Ibanez-Albarillo
Darwin Borines
Axel Pandes Sarthou
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