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LGU Bolinao Orders Temporary Closure of Non-Compliant Tourism Accomodations

The local government of Bolinao has mandated the closure of several tourism accommodations that failed to comply with business permit regulations. This enforcement action is based on the stipulations of Municipal Ordinance No. 04, S. 2017 particularly Section 60, Chapter III.
The affected businesses were found operating without valid business permits or had not renewed their permits as required by local law. In response, the Municipal Composite Inspection Team has been conducting thorough inspections and has served final notices and demand letters to these establishments.
Municipal Ordinance No. 04, S 2017 aims to ensure that all businesses operate within the legal framework to promote fair competition, safety, and compliance with municipal standards. The closure orders are part of a broader initiative to uphold these regulations and maintain the integrity of the local tourism industry.
The Municipal Composite Inspection Team, tasked with the enforcement of this ordinance, has been diligent in their efforts. They have been inspecting businesses across the municipality, identifying those that have not adhered to the required legal and regulatory standards. The inspections are still ongoing, indicating that more establishments might face similar actions if they fail to meet compliance requirements.
This crackdown underscores the municipality’s commitment to ensuring that all tourism accommodations operate lawfully and meet the necessary standards. Businesses served with closure orders were given ample opportunity to rectify their permit issues through final notices and demand letters before the enforcement actions were executed.
The municipal government has emphasized the importance of adhering to these regulations, stating that compliance is crucial for the safety, security, and economic stability of the tourism sector. Establishments that comply with these regulations are encouraged to continue their operations, while non-compliant businesses are urged to take immediate steps to address their permit status to avoid closure.
As the inspection continues, the municipality remains focused on enforcing these regulations fairly and consistently to foster a safe and thriving environment for both residents and visitors.

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