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Grand Inauguration and Blessing of Balin Bolinao Marks Historic Milestone

6, 2024 – Bolinao, Pangasinan, was filled with an air of anticipation and excitement as dignitaries, residents, and guests gathered for the grand blessing and inauguration of Balin Bolinao.
The ceremony, held this morning, kicked off with a heartfelt invocation led by United Methodist Choral, setting a solemn tone for the auspicious occasion. Led by the Bolinao Cultural Arts Guild (BCAG), attendees proudly sang the national anthem, reflecting their unity and patriotism.
Hon. Richard C. Celeste, Municipal Vice Mayor through Atty. Juan Ayar Montemayor, SB Secretary extended a warm welcome to all present, expressing gratitude for their participation in this historic event. Messages of inspiration and gratitude followed, with Hon. Alfonso F. Celeste, M.D., Municipal Mayor, and Hon. Arthur F. Celeste, Congressman of the 1st District of Pangasinan, highlighting the significance of Balin Bolinao to the community. Moreover, Board Member Apolonia “Apple” Bacay also graced this momentous event.
Ms. Ann Kristine Lampa, HRMO V introduced the esteemed Guest of Honor and Speaker, Hon. Ramon V. “Mon-Mon” Guico, III, Governor of the Province of Pangasinan. Governor Guico delivered a stirring keynote address, emphasizing the transformative impact of the Municipality of Bolinao on the province’s development landscape. He outlined his vision for Bolinao to emerge as one of the premier tourism hub within Pangasinan, leveraging its natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and strategic location to attract visitors from far and wide.
The ceremony culminated in a symbolic ribbon-cutting, officiated by Governor Guico together with First Lady Ma. Nieves B. Celeste and other dignitaries, officially inaugurating Balin Bolinao and heralding a new era of progress and prosperity. Rev. Bayani Yannix Liguid together with Rev. Jonas Centeno and Rev. Manny Unto then led the attendees in a heartfelt blessing, invoking divine guidance and protection over Balin Bolinao and its future endeavors.
The inauguration of Balin Bolinao stands as a testament to the unwavering dedication of the Bolinao community towards growth, unity, and cultural preservation.
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Sir Raymond C. Celeste

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