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Bolinao’s Binungey and Pinalig Barangen starred in Kain Ta, Kaon Pa! Davao City Leg

The Municipality of Bolinao under the stewardship of Hon. Mayor Alfonso F.Celeste, MD thru the Bolinao Tourism Office headed by Municipal Tourism Officer Ms. Mary De Guzman joined the “Kain Na” Food and Travel Festival initiated by the Department of Tourism with the theme “Kain Na!Kaon Ta! Pagkaing Pamasko, Davao Leg last December 2-4, 2022 held at Ayala Malls Abreza, Davao City.
KAIN NA is a Food and Travel Festival developed to create awareness and interest in authentic Filipino cuisine which is valuable cultural component of our tourism destinations,a celebration that feature local chefs showcasing our heritage on artisanal local dishes featuring farm to table products ,curated culinary arts,crafts and food preparations,food and wellness amenities or services and new and emerging tourists destinations with the end purpose of promoting the Philippines as a center of the food and gastronomy.
Region 1 has been consistently participating in this event bringing food merchants and community-based products suppliers fr the region to the various locations featuring our farm tourism sites and food and gastronomy resource speakers in the online edition, making way for more people to know more about our rich cultural heritage through our tasty heirloom and fusion food offerings.
Kaon Ta, Kain Na!
LGU- Bolinao is honored and grateful to the Department of Tourism Region 1 headed by Regional Director Jeff Ortega for giving us the opportunity to collaborate and learn from the experiences during the said event and the chance to showcase the best of Bolinao in Davao City.
Moreover, we would also like to express our profoundest gratitude to Chef Xavier Mercado for collaborating with our very own “Binungey Sushi” highlighting our native delicacy “Binungey” or Bamboo Rice Cake cooked with fusion. And of course, for featuring our Bolinao Pinalig Barangen (Danggit) at the “Flavors of the North” -— during OKOY’S OF REGION 1 Cooking Demo.
This activity is an affirmation of unwavering support of the DOT in promoting the Philippines’ rich heritage through tourism.
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📸Xavier Mercado, Malu Amor- Elduayan
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