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Bolinao Tourism 2022 Highlights: GALA Night Hiblang Lahi Fashion Show

Bolinao Tourism 2022 Highlights✨
Buri weaving is one of Bolinao’s distinctive ways of expression of love for arts, culture and tradition. A handloom tradition that has created beautiful and colourful buri products and became the town’s trademark and a main source of livelihood to our women populace particularly in Barangay Salud, Santiago Island, Bolinao, Pangasinan.
A unique fashion show that highlights our cultural heritage that proudly supports our traditional handwoven fabrics and textiles, produced and woven in Northern Luzon, Philippines held at Quest Hotel, Clark Pampanga last November 20, 2022. Extraordinary creations being made from indigenous fabrics such as Buri and Inabel that created adorable gowns and dresses and evening looks with luxurious and modern sensitivity.
Every part of the show was a sight to behold, thanks to the Filipino weavers who put their creativity and talent and shared their artistry with the world thru their intricate and labor- intensive masterpieces.
Wow Bolinao!!
Buri Gown Designed by Ryan Ciero
Buri Bags designed by Precious Cayaon and manufactured by Kawayan Nature PH
Official Website of the Municipality of Bolinao