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Past Mayors

List of Past Mayors

Ponciano CachoMunicipal Mayor1938-1944
Pedro CasisMunicipal Mayor1945-1946
Raymundo CaalimMunicipal Mayor1946-1947
Claro CambaMunicipal Mayor1948-1951
Juan CandoyMunicipal Mayor1952-1955
EusebioCasMunicipal Mayor1956-1959
CezarCachoMunicipal Mayor1960-1967
Efren PeraltaMunicipal Mayor1968-1976
Dr. Miguel de PerioMunicipal Mayor1976-1986
Serafin CachoOIC/MayorMay 26, 1986-Dec. 1, 1987
Renato VillarealOIC/MayorDec. 9-22, 1988
Merito MiguelMunicipal Mayor1988-Feb. 2, 1991
Alfredo AquinoMunicipal Mayor1991-1992
Mateo  CaasiMunicipal Mayor1992-1995
Jesus F. CelesteMunicipal Mayor1995-2004
Alfonso F. Celeste, M.D.Municipal Mayor2004-2013
Arnold D. CelesteMunicipal Mayor2013-2019
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