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2 Days to go Before Christmas

2 araw na lang!!!


Waking up for Noche Buena

Most people eat their Christmas dinner either on Christmas Eve or Christmas night, but Filipinos often wake up at midnight to welcome Christmas day with Noche Buena, a lavish feast of traditional Filipino Christmas dishes like lechon, queso de bola, hamon, spaghetti, and fruit salad.

Most Filipino families are also separated for most of the year, with kids off at college and parents going overseas for work. The mundane act of preparing Noche Buena is also something we look forward to, because it’s a time to prep meals and cook together as a whole family.


Sanayan lang magpuyat at kumain ng gabi habang kachat yung taong alam mong manggoghost sayo anytime.

Yang noche buena pa kaya?

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